Storms and Rainbows by Zamorra is a reflection of love and happiness. After every storm in life, a rainbow shows up to bring peace and calm. This tape is a complete dissection of Zamorra’s versatility as every song pipes up a smoking hot narrative. 

This tape starts with Aiku; this Afro beat record sings a life of reflection, gratitude and hope; undoubtedly a song that would appease an older audience and also worthwhile for being the first track as it leads the pack with thankfulness. 

Balance is a feel-good song that sings words of advice and his irritant beliefs of an unbalanced world, and touches views of karmic retribution and destiny. 

Like my mother is a jam that sings about his future woman that is likened to his mother. A woman that is smart, beautiful, loyal, spiritual and great. That is who his heart belongs to; the catchy hook of this song makes it a quick favourite. Now that you’re mine slowly interludes the outlay of the feel-good songs into something slower and controlled as he sings about a lover that owns his entirety; the soulfulness of this particular record sings heavy with Zamorra as you can hear the passion of every melody as he floats on the beat effortlessly.  

Men are scum is another instant favourite from this tape, a song that narrates the popular saying from social media about the male gender that is undoubtedly the most used phrase from single and broken women and ones that don’t care to try anymore. “All men are scum; your heart still bleeds” as he sings over the acoustic guitars. If you haven’t noticed; as you listen to this tape further, you can hear the subtle connection of each track as he tells a story of relationship stages. Now he links up with the 6th song “Deserve better” where he talks about reassurance and trust; A beautiful song that captures raw emotions and encapsulates the true essence of communication, thoroughness and loyalty. Taboo is a cry for greatness, a cry to be better and a relatable song to everyone putting their best in each craft and truly going out there to hustle. The closer of this tape is Timelessanother record explaining his fulfilment that will last in time to come. 

I expressed, argued, concluded and reported! A perfect blend of Melody and Message. Storms and Rainbows is upon us!


Zamorra pays attention to the conscious mind with an amazing 8 track tape that will eventually stand the tests of time. For the Nigerian audience; this tape embodies all resonance of a unique body of work you should push play to anytime, anywhere and every day; the sheer replay quality astounds on every level of perfection and extraordinariness.