Alternative music has become something of a norm in the African music scene. Zamir was one of the pioneers of alternative rap culture in Nigeria; having started his label/collective group L.O.S in 2011. He didn’t drop his debut mixtape “XXIII” up until 2017; guest featuring on “Alte cruise” that highlighted the classic vibe of the alté music scene in Africa. 

After the release of Amnesia; Zamir marks the “Flowerboi4000 EP” as an expectation of new sounds and stories, tapping into the balance of his divine masculinity and feminine sides. Zamir showcases range and versatility on different records effortlessly. Despite being a sonically charged hip hop tape; Zamir is able to stretch the narrative of love, living in the  streets of Lagos and creating new anthems for the divine femininity. 

Tape Breakdown – This tape starts with A. Iverson featuring DndSection produced by Kufre Akpabio. The beats of this record is so catchy and immediately gives off the alternative strings while Zamir and DndSection lace bars of witty punchlines and braggadocio; “I think I fell in love with a stripper” “I go extra hard; for myself fuu” experimenting on the rap with a feel good rhythm and something to throw ones at the club. A banger!

Amnesia produced by Chidubem Victor Nwokolo; is somewhat reminiscent to an interlude. Catchy and short as he tells tales of his lover. “I need you” “I want to spend all night with you” the witty nature of the song collapses the meaning of love but that’s the story from his perspective. Different strokes for different folks! 

FLY featuring Mannywellz, produced by Tochi Bedford. “Why you moving like a rockstar” “I want to spend some racks on that y*nsh” the embodiment of relief this song brings when shooting your shot seems beneficial to both parties. A feel good rhythm to say the least. 

The tape goes further with Nowhere featuring Seki Supervillain & Maison2500 and cuts through the barriers of the sound you would expect from Zamir. 

Luv Hurts leads the pack featuring superstar Odunsi and no doubt the altè vibe we seek when you first pushed play on this tape. Tochi Bedford produced this bliss of a record. 

Stan featuring Femme super star Deto Black and RI are super packed flavour with meaning and delightful lyricism respectively. While “pretend” is a go to harmonious vibe, seamless on the beat; Tay Iwar truly violates this beat with his effortless vocal reach. This song is the standard when thinking of judging this tape. 

BAD AF featuring new wave femme artiste SGaWD, produced by Kufre Akpabio and tells stories of why SGaWD is one to back everytime. 

Ordre du jour is a sonically charged funk x hip Hop type tune as Zamir totally switches up his sound to an exciting funky vibe with this tune that is sure to make you move your body. Zamir closes on a high and leaves his listeners yearning for more. 

What more do you want from an alternative record that fuses AfroBeats, funk and R&B? The most blissful thing about listening to this tape is whatever sound Zamir decides to harness from the variety of efforts shown; he is sure to ride the wave and birth something worth listening to. Good shout to his A&R and his team for curating a tape that stretches and cuts across different genres but focuses the capacity of an Alté origin.