Young Wazi has delivered the second edition of his EP series; “Relapse 2: The Monster You Made” with ‘FEEL’ the lead single.

The rapper announced the release date and track list of the sequel to his debut EP;“Relapse” rinsed across Toronto house parties – a feat for any bubbling artist on the rise. And with the release of the two new tracks off “Relapse 2“; ‘Spaceship‘ and ‘Feel’, we have a feel of what to expect on the coming project.

The project features appearances from Mr Bash, Hamis the Genius, and HipOChris across 8 tracks.

Feel‘ , happens to be the second track on the EP, a worthy introduction to the project.

This song is special because it comes from a place of hurt and betrayal

Young Wazi

Young Wazi is known to wear his heart on his sleeve on projects; with his signature flow gliding across this record over the Japanese inspired melody, with triplet hi-hats and hard kicks. It has been featured on Apple Music’s official ‘New in Hip-Hop’ playlist and across many other editorial playlists. 

On ‘Depay‘ Afrobeats meets Trap Music as Young Wazi fuses trap drum sounds with an Afro-Centric Bounce. Mr Bash features on this record where they both rap over an ominous beat.

As we can tell, Young Wazi’s sophomore EP is already an improvement, and a worthy sequel.