Tomi Owo has been on a magnificent streak when it comes to experimenting with her sounds lately and collaborative projects ranging from Kele-le by Red Hot Org, and her feature on the Metallica blacklist showcases her versatility and proves her range with soothing vocals and captivating melodies. 

On the guide to catch up with Tomi Owo, we were privileged to ask her a couple of questions about her recent single, future collaborations and a possibility of a tape coming soon. Read More;

Q. What does music mean to you?
Music is a gift. Its meaning is constantly in flux. Today, it is my catharsis as I create. Tomorrow, a companion when I need to take time to just be.

Q. What inspires your music?
I usually say there is music in everything. There’s raw material all around us. Everything that finds its way to my consciousness, even my subconscious, forms a unique pattern to inspire the music I make. 

Q. How’s the music journey been so far in 5 words ?
.The journey in 5 words:
– awe-inspiring
– authentic
– steady
– illuminating 
– audacious

Q. What phase of your music will you say you are on right now?

This is my go phase.I’m fully grounded in my vision, committed to building it, and I’m doing as much good as I can along the way. Two musical projects I’ve been on – Kele-le by Red Hot Org, and my feature on The Metallica Blacklist – gave me the opportunity to contribute to important causes at home and abroad. I hope to do more of that in the future. 

Q. What expressions are you aiming to deliver with this new single “Bird”

With my single, Bird, I’m being vulnerable, seeing a lot of things in the world which could be different. But at the same time, I’m maintaining my freedom and ability to stay on course, and keep going with fire in my eyes.

Q. Are we expecting a new project from you soon? 
Yes, very soon!

Q. Are there any collaborations you are working on? Any names?

I’ve collaborated with some amazing artists over the years, and I’m surely collaborating more in the near future. One I’m really excited about right now is MI Abaga’s incoming album, The Guy, which I’m on.

Q. Is it just music for you? Is that what keeps you going? 
I absolutely enjoy making music, and right now I’m living and breathing music and all its facets. The journey is a blessing.