In light of catching up with our music favourites, we uneviel some of Sirbastien’s deepest thoughts on his music with questions shared in our community. Sirbastien is a producer and “sometimes” singer/songwriter – He spends most of his time exploring new sounds through productions and forming genuine connections in the music space. 

Here’s a series of short questions and answers ranging from his musical background to his inspiration for the music and his identity as a producer. 

Q. When did you first Create Music?

I first created music when I was but a wee lass tip tapping away with my feet in the rain puddles. At that moment I discovered the blessing of rhythm and my life changed ever since.

Q. What Does music mean to you?

Music is human engineering. You can influence an emotion through music and that is very powerful.

Q. What Inspires Your Music?

The unending yearning for complexity in simplicity and simplicity in vibes.

Q. How’s the music journey been so far in 5 words?

  • scary
  • Friteuse,
  • 3 hour long trains,
  • Amazing people
  • Exciting

Q. Are you more of a Producer or a songwriter? 

I’m more of a producer.

Q. How many instruments do you play? 

I play the guitar, the piano, drums and hearts.

Q. What expressions were you looking to evoke with the jellyFish EP ?

I wanted to it to feel dreamy, like a fish in the depths of the deep “pink” sea, spiced with afropop/dancehall and reggae at its highlights. Imagine an underwater magical world with a heavy WEST AFRICAN influence.

Q. What does Music Production mean to you ?

Music production is capturing ideas and expanding upon them. It’s a similar mental outlet as a

painter painting, or a designer designing.

Q. Is it just music for you? Is that what keeps you going? 

It isn’t just the music. I think there’s a very important thing people gloss over in industries like this. There’s a lot of people you get to meet. You get to discover music and artists first hand and there’s absolutely nothing like it. The beauty of being able to find music naturally from people you meet that create is something else.

Q. Asides Making music, what other creative expressions do you engage in? 

I love to design a few times just to visualise what my music sounds like. I also make videos for my Instagram Reelssss, pls check it out!

Q. Can you shed more light on your genre “Afrosounds”

I would say my genre is Afro-Alternative or Alternative without the Afro. And it describes what it is, always aiming for the sounds the next artist/producer didn’t think to try.