Lex Diba is a rapper and singer/songwriter from Lagos State, Nigeria. He is currently under the umbrella of independent record label Zebra Head LTD. Lex Diba Incorporates elements of Hip-Hop on his ever expansive afro genre pallet of sounds. He credits his resident city Lagos state; as the biggest influence on his musical upbringing.
While Diba carefully navigates his way through the ever saturated music scene in Lagos; Lex focuses on his job as a songwriter; and balances his life as an artist by recording his experiences through meaningful themes.

Lex Diba Introduces his second body of work ‘WE GO UP’ – A mixtape that encapsulates his life experiences into a tale of Love, self awareness and ultimate belief. The tape cuts across Afropop while fusing other elements of amapiano and hip-hop.
“WE GO UP” is a sonically pleasing tape that soothes a calming ambience; with an evenly packed lyric offering shared across the tape. The cohesiveness and overall theme is gauged across each track and compliments Lex Diba’s artistry and range. Lex explains

“Art without its theme as defined by the artist would be all over the place in my opinion”

Lex Diba

This mixtape marks a turning point in the artist’s career as he deems this project the last piece to his ascension in the music industry.