Divine White, popularly known as Dheal, from the city of Lagos. He kicked off his music career at age ten and grew up enjoying music made from the likes of Lil Wayne and Drake. It is safe to say that his love for music was triggered by being around music lovers (rappers and singers alike). His first project was a freestyle track, where he featured rap artistes like himself. His debut EP, On God dropped 2019 with a total of four songs; a hip-hop & rap masterpiece. Ever since then, he has thrived well for himself in his music journey. 

Today, we sip tea and sit with Dheal as he uncovers to us, his music lifestyle. 

Can you kindly introduce yourself to us ?

The name is Divine White known best as Dheal, I’m an independent recording artiste born and bred in the city of Lagos, you know how it is. 

What do you do apart from being Dheal ? 

I own a brand, something more of the urban culture. “Trenchboy”. I want to fuse both sides of the Nigerian vibe into this. Creating a convergence between the hood and surburb, something around the middle that tells a story from both sides.

When did music become a dream for you ? 

Back in 09’, boys were young. Different sounds like the hip culture and afro pop evolved and I wanted a to be part of that line. The craft to the sounds. I felt so right so I hopped on the music train. 

What artistes can you say influenced you while growing up and even now ? 

The major influence I had and still revisit was and is Ice Prince, the super cool cat. Days of oleku and superstar were magical. It got way past that, cause I could say I have this close connection with him. He made me believe hiphop could thrive in nigeria.

What gives you the inspiration to make music ? 

Coming from where I came from, seeing how growing up could change your mindset and that of your peers is a push. I want to making music that reflects not only on me but my beginning, the hood and G’s.

As an artiste, ever had a breaking point ? How did you cope ? 

Yes, definitely. Prayers, they work magic. I tell you. Prayer over anything and don’t stop even if it seem like it’s a dead end.

What did you hope to achieve with the project ‘On God EP ? 

To let my fans and the masses know the versatility they will be getting henceforth would be worth the support and love. Also it was a trail towards expressing a part of my personal life.

What project of yours do you feel is a true reflection of who you are ? 

I’ll say ‘On God’. The track itself needs no explanation, it’s a self-storytelling piece of work.

What was the trigger behind the release of Ogaranya, a single released just last year ? 

Ogaranya was a track for the booze and babes, you get ? It’s just vibes and chills, ‘Let’s get litty in the semi palmwine/pop’ way kind of sound.

Are you currently working on any new project; and how soon should we expect it? 

Lol, let’s say so we all stay trench’d about this. 

Anyone in the music industry you hope to collaborate with in the nearest future ? 

I’m open to working with any of the new acts, that’s where the wave is right now. 

How has the reception been since you stepped into the music world ? 

It’s been challenging and fun at the same time. Always keeping my headup and eyes opened.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years ? 

Somewhat close to the international acts. Few studio albums and awards, God’s grace.

To those that support and believe in you, what do you have to say to them ? 

To everyone that’s been part of my story and journey and everyone just joining, I really appreciate y’all; more blessings. I pray we all live to witness the greatness.