Nigerian born Video creator Uzu Ifeanyichukwu Franklyn aka “Therealzucci” was spotted on set with “Barbie ferreira” and Oscar winner “Ariana DeBose” alongside Spider-Man No way home star, “Arian Moayed”. Just few months ago he was spotted with Netflix pine gap star “Parker sawyers”, Romanian actor “Alec Secareanu” British spike island star “nico mirallegro”, he is said to have featured in the film “spy masters” but currently we are unaware of what role he plays. And now he’s said to feature in “House of spoils” by American directors “Bridget savage cole and Danielle krudy. We cannot wait to see what happens. But what we know is that he is currently taking his acting career to the next level. We can’t wait to see where he goes next. According to the influencer “therealzucci” he said

“If they can do it I can too and some day I would win an Oscar”.


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