MusicUntamed recently caught up with multi-talented Singer/Songwriter and Producer Egar Boi to discuss his journey in the music industry. In this exclusive interview, Egar Boi shares insights on his creative process, inspirations and future projects that are sure to excite his fans. Join us as we dive into the mind of one of the most promising artists of our time.

Egar Boi, a music producer and writer, shares his journey and inspirations in this exclusive interview with MusicUntamed. Born into a family of pastors, Egar Boi developed a deep love for music, which he attributes to his environment and active involvement in the choir.

The music industry can be tough, and Egar Boi faced his biggest challenge in getting his sound out there. However, his passion for music and staying in touch with trends keep him motivated and inspired to create new music.

As a multi-talented artist, Egar Boi can produce and write music depending on the flow. He has upcoming projects, including a production EP featuring superstars, which he’s excited to share with the world. He’s also working with Ozuna on a beat.

So far, every moment in Egar Boi’s career has been surreal, having collaborated with many talented artists. However, his dream feature would be to work with Wizkid and Burna Boy, as he believes he’ll connect with them musically.

Apart from music, Egar Boi has a passion project, EGAR FIRE, which he didn’t delve into in the interview. For upcoming acts, he advises never to give up, and consistency is key.

As for his perfect day, Egar Boi loves cozy places, and you’ll often find him at home with his dog, watching movies, gaming, having drinks, and working. His journey so far has been mind-blowing, innovative, resilient, full of vibes, and growth.