Afrobeats is currently enjoying global recognition and over the years, many platforms have emerged with a unified mission of finding Afrobeat’s next superstars, but at the forefront of this mission is Ejoya. Ejoya has platformed next-gen artists such as Buju, Emo Grae, Mojo, YKB and producers such as Grammy award-winning Telz, relentless hit-maker Niphkeys, Remy Baggins and more.

 Ejoya presents the class of ‘21 – a yearly curation of Afrobeats’ most exciting voices and producers, this year the project has music from  PsychoYp, Saszy, Soundz, Liya, Azanti, Loti, Laime, SgaWD, Naya Akanji, Fxrtune, Kemena, Tsuni and Masterpiece.

 The project begins with Fiki from Davido’s DMW only female artiste, Liya. it is a vibrant and myriad song that packs a punch. The heavy snare and bass act as a heartbeat that guides the track, over which the singer’s raspy yet melodious tone expresses her need for intimacy. The project ends with another amazing female artiste Tsuni on Candy who brings sultry vibes, and the perfect blend of afrobeat and soul that encapsulates the desire of wanting the sweetness of her lover.

The project is a noteworthy musical timestamp of Afrobeat’s most exciting voices and Ejoya solidifies its stance as Afrobeats tastemakers for the next generation of Afrobeats superstars.

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