Stephane Mathelier, better known as Steph Ocho is a prominent afro singer and songwriter from Gonaives, Haiti. Steph fell in love with African culture and sound while attending college with several African friends who introduced him to Afrobeats, and he’s never looked back since. 

He returns to the world of afrobeats with his first song of the year, “Omoge.” Omoge is a mash-up of Pop and Afrobeat influences, with a dash of immersive sounds tossed in for good measure. With repeated, pulsating bass lines and seductive dance beats, this song is a fascinating track that can truly make you move your body. “Omoge” means “fine girl” in Yoruba language (Nigeria). It depicts an authentic amorous love for a lady. Steph narrates the typical African lady equipped with beauty and physical qualities and endowed with the power to properly show love in words that detail how vital her love is.