Superb sounds from the apex village youngster. Gettin Hot is a feel good rhythm produced by Ramoni; the ear catching lyricism and melodies are so divine and breathtakingly good. Delivering on his very first solo single and inching us closer and closer to his long awaited co-sign with Sarz. An eye catching highlight seems to be a record deal with def Jam? 

2 MUCH – Ayüü 

Ayüü comes knocking the speakers with this sonically charged record “2 much” with a groovy undertone and subtle keys drawn across kicks to keep you bopping. The song is a minute and some seconds long, so it’s sure to keep you yearning for more as you await his project ”Toxic”.

FLOWERS (Recovered File) – MERRY-LYNN

Following her first single of the year “London Bridge” Merry-Lynn stuns her listeners with a surprise single titled “Flowers” produced by Veen. Merry-Lynn coasts through this record with her amazing vocals and harmonies; her stand out feature is being able to produce sounds not bound by the typical Nigerian afro.

PRESSURE – Payper Corleone

Payper’s latest offering is truly refreshing to the rap culture, one take away song is “Ashluxe” with Ghetto P. The sample leading to the subtle kicks of the drums while Payper coasts through the beats telling stories of “Rags to riches” and ghetto p fully complimenting his artistry.

Pressure – Soundz

Talking about patience and diligence, we take a look at an artist that has honed his artistry for time. Soundz releases his debut EP “in the rough” and pressure stands out talking about timing and not wanting to be rushed


This is tomi owo’s first official single of 2022. working in your happy place, experimenting with sounds, ranging from jazz. Tomi owo delivers vocals so sublime with a strong message to booth.