JayO – 22

Born & raised in the heart of Tottenham, JayO is a singer; songwriter & producer of Nigerian descent, catering to all sounds whilst innovating in the process. JayO brings the fans favourite “22” to life after teasing the original on Tik Tok. “You are 22, too hot to handle. Girl I wanna handle you. The ear catching hook and infectious melody is sure to keep the record on repeat.

Channel Tres – Real Cultural Shit

From seemingly out of nowhere, Channel Tres emerged as a fully formed artist when “Controller”dropped in 2018. His smooth talk-rap sprechstimme over sleek, nocturnal Detroit and New York style house grooves, was both a callback to old school hip-house and the electro-hip hop of the 80’s of his hometown of Compton. He explains what inspired his latest music saying,

I think the biggest thing is sobriety. I started off last year, in January, I just wanted to stop drinking and doing things and other drugs. It was like a new year’s resolution, and then it turned out to be something I did for the whole year. I started to feel different during the first month, and I just wanted to see it out. What happened was, the way I created it and thought about music started to change. I started getting back to the essence of why I first started creating music, which was just for pure fun, and sort of like an emotional comfort and to just like reach that goal of doing what the people I look up to did.

Channel Tres

Bella Alubo – Patience

Nigerian Pop Star, Bella Alubo shares her latest single “Patience” – A record about the beauty in the struggle and the patience of believing the process. Shwoff and SpyKida produced the sonically charged song.

T’neeya – Pretty Mind

German-Cameroonian singer/songwriter, T’neeya; is an Afro-Soul/R&B artiste whose distinct voice and style is one guaranteed to keep you captivated. Her latest single “Pretty Mind” is an introspective listen on how she deals with relations through vulnerability and insecurities.

Tay Iwar – Healing

Global Icon and musical sensation, Tay Iwar emerged from a place of doubt and has cut through multiple facets, solidifying himself as one of the most versatile musicians in the world. He has recently dropped a smash hit titled “Healing” produced by himself and bAd Entity.

Suté Iwar & Tim Lyre – Space Cowboy

I know all the right mood, the right groove… inside me, inside you” the melodies of this record scream divine as Suté caresses the kicks and eases the vibe. Tim lyre is a breathe of fresh air on every record and he delivers an incredible verse that compliments the essence of the “Space Cowboy” This record makes it the second single off his debut Album “ULTRALIGHT” TBA.

Miles from Kinshasa – if not now, then when

Kinshasa (DRC) born, South London raised artist Miles from Kinshasa has steadily placed himself as one of the most idiosyncratic vocalist and producers in the UK, with a melting pot of sounds that seamlessly display his pop sensibility and tongue in cheek colloquialisms.

‘if not now, then when’ is a seamless exercise in dexterity put together with frequent and long time collaborator; kadiata on production and co-writing duties.

Geoxpress ft Eugy – 365 (Grime Riddim) Remix

The song’s essence celebrates life’s journey and its many facets. The remix version adds a new dimension to the already popular track, promising to be a gift that everyone will enjoy. As the country’s woes pile up, the message of the song resonates even more.

Linchpinmusic – Cosmic Wine

LinchpinMusic hopes to draw you into his world of Melodies and artistry with his latest single ‘Cosmic Wine’ while you free yourself, dance and feel good in the process. He talks about a person of interest opening the song with the following line “Yeah she fancy, food for the spirit she a Pisces” this is how he shows you two facets of his personality: the young/fun youthful attraction to a love interest and how he still takes note of spiritual appeal.