Trust Oxlade to bless us with his lovely vocals on a track. This solo AfroBeats record packs true heat with sounds of love and sweet melodies. Oxlade has been dominating the wave with features; solidifying himself as the falsetto king. We love seeing the boy “go loco” on those features but blessing us with a single this year is a highlight and a peak into his ground breaking discography; after Oxygene EP he brings us this delight in his solo stance on “Ojuju” produced by Coublon

…I dey fear Ojuju, I dey fear… I am fed up on falling again..” Oxlade describes his love and affections as a creature found in dark fantasies; he explains that he is tired and scared of falling in love and that love isn’t for him, he explains how bad vibes make him run away and the switch of different partners takes a part of him every time. 

He sings further “… even your boo got a boo…” simply stating that everyone acts like you are the only one in their life when they have others playing that same role in their life. Scared of it all, sick of it and to cap it off with sweet vocals to pass a very strong message to the listeners.

Lovely track and 10/10 would recommend if you needed to get things off your chest. 

Listen to Ojuju on Spotify.