Lagos born, Toheeb Abiola Ilelaboye, musically known as Scott GiRi returns with Girian Wave, the third volume of the Girian Experience curated by Scott Giri to enable him to account for the growth of his talent and showcase his versatility while giving his fans the power to select and fully appreciate his versatility by delivering the music in bits and series. 

The first volume ‘Girians Update’ which hosted notable features like “Igbalode” with JAMOPYPER, “Deep Down” with EGAR BOI and several hit singles, showcases Scott as the Nigerian Street Pop artist that he started his career as and the second volume ‘Girian Love’ served as a tale of love in which Scott fully exploited his songwriting skills. 

In his latest rendition ‘Girian Wave’, the third volume of the Girian Experience, Scott Giri further diversifies his craft by blending several genres and languages to create a masterpiece in is usual style of creating from his heart, captivating and thematic designs laid across lyrical modules to express his inner thoughts. His soundscape is a lenient mix of Afrobeat and Afropop that collectively render his music as the new big thing in the spectrum of musical appreciation.