Romi Studios, a film studio based in Lagos; Nigeria is set to release Africa’s first Web3 based film titled Small Town Burnouts. The experimental, independently produced film explores the lives; struggles and moments of breakthroughs of a music band; named The Small Town Burnouts. The band is made up of young Nigerian emerging music artists, KARAH and SoulBlackSheep.

Small Town Burnouts explores the story of how pursuing a creative career in an African country; could affect one’s socio-cultural views and personal psychology. Small Town Burnouts is a social experiment as both KARAH and SoulBlackSheep who make up the band in the film; are themselves real life music artists. The film is a documentation of real-time corporeal experiences defined by a scripted story line. 

Romi Studios, the studio behind the production of Small Town Burnouts has tapped Barnabas Emordi; the highest grossing Director of Photography in Nollywood (2021) to join in on the project. Barnabas Emordi brings in experience; to the film’s direction as he already has a résumé filled with some of Nigeria’s biggest cinema blockbusters; including “Prophetess”, “DOD” (Nollywood’s first time-travel film) and multi award-winning film, “Elevator Baby”.

The Small Town Burnouts is set to be Nigeria’s first Film3 project; and it is currently undergoing crowdfunding on Web3 through NFTs. The crowdfund will have holders acquiring an NFT which gives them a host of special utilities including, access to the visual audio gallery in order to listen to the album before its release, a special premiere of the film, a Small Town Burnouts merch box, an invite to Small Town Burnouts live in Concert in Ìbàdàn and Lagos  [physical and virtual depending] etc.  Full details on the tiers can be found on the website

The film is set to be released in December 2023 with premiere events; set to happen in the Nigerian cities of Ibadan and Lagos.

To be a part of the Small Town Burnouts crowdfund or to find out more about the project; you can check out the website or follow the social channels @TheBurnoutsFilm on twitter, @SmallTownBurnouts on instagram and tiktok.