Rising new school artist Samvsthekids, who is well acquainted with this malady; tries his best to describe his experiences with love. 

The production is pure organised chaos, with vocals reminiscent of Playboi Carti.
The first thing the listener might notice is the electric guitar as Samvsthekids croons 
Don’t tell me that love is a drug“. 

Safe to say this is not your typical love song; the artist doesn’t pine after a lost prospect neither does he wish for a new one. 

Luv Issa Drug”  doesn’t try to be orthodox; Samvsthekids manages to step out of the box and declare his societal non-conformity with one song. 

Luv Issa Drug” would be his first release in 6 months and his first single this year. Distributed by Family Settings Management in partnership with NotjustOk.