Wine & Lobster marks the return of psiv following the release of his pace-setting  “Welcome To The 234” EP. This track brings together recognizable western influences in combination with the usual cultural themes surrounding afrobeat such as enjoyment and celebration. The easygoing beat means that this is one you can really let loose to, moreover the themes are highly relatable which will secure this track as a popular favourite. This quite possibly marks a change of taste and is a pleasant indicator of what is still yet to come from psiv.

Wine & Lobster encapsulates the experience of the high-life. The track wants the listener to feel sophisticated and affords them the opportunity to remember a good time in their life and bask in it so much that it makes them immediately want to relive that very moment. However, this is more than just wishful thinking as the essential message is that no matter where the night takes you, you should savour every single second of it because you deserve it for all your hard work. The alternative being that if you don’t, you’ll miss out on a lot of life’s most exciting moments. Whilst the lavish lifestyle might not be everyone’s desire, this track encourages listeners to strive to attain their equivalent of ‘wine and lobster’- whatever that might be.

PSIV is an exciting multifaceted, nuanced Nigerian artist dedicated to documenting his realities through his music. Much like himself, his music is multifaceted, cutting right across afro-swing, drill, afrobeats, and dancehall to create some really dynamic fusions of art. Taking much inspiration from the world around him, psiv carefully curates sounds that expose the different layers that exist within him. He’s all about putting clear messages out there and sees himself and his art as a vehicle for the expression of his inner reality; both through the music and his wider brand as a whole. psiv envisions a world where people are allowed to be who they are unapologetic, without holding back, and so his authenticity is not only evident but remains at the very core of his music. It is predicted that psiv will become an undeniable force to be reckoned with in the industry as he remains committed to making music that captures the mind and translates the body.