As of recent, recording camps have become a foundational part of the collaborative culture in the Nigerian music industry. These camps are set up for artists and producers to work on music; often in short-let apartments or studio houses 24/7 for a period of days and sometimes weeks; for the purpose of creating records and other media for a music project.

On the 17th of September 2022; Raw Like Life (RawLL) an Indie Record label set up a recording camp in Lagos,Nigeria. Set to feature majorly Hip-hop inclined creatives; invited a number of creatives from all around Nigeria to come together in one space. To create the “Pressure Makes Diamonds”; Under 24 hours hence the name “CAMP24”.

At the end of Camp 24, magic was made. From 8pm on the 17th of September till 8pm on the 18th of September; Music artists, producers, engineers, visual artists, photographers, videographers and editors; worked tirelessly on records and documented the process as it all went down. In the space of 24 hours; the whole tape was recorded and a video for one of the songs was shot; while the official artwork was painted on canvas live in the camp.

A documentary was shot all in that time.
This relentless effort to create so much with so little time was what inspired the title of the project. Titled; “Pressure Makes Diamonds”, to portray the hard work, discipline and determination that was put into the creation of the project. Being under so much pressure to beat the clock yet still creating a masterpiece, Pressure really makes diamonds!


Scary by ET of Mortal Mob; Inart and Kaylu

Pain by Y1nka & Sosa.ttw; (with additional vocals by Jayson Rex)

FRNDS; by Posah & Weyinmi

GoldDigger by Harry Carter; & Jayson Rex (with additional vocals from Musta4a)

Geronimo by ET of Mortal Mob; Kaylu, Lenny Z, Blackman and King Javiid.

The production of the 5 songs are credited to Aibrid; who produced Track 1 and 3 and Billie Beats who produced Tracks 2,4 and 5.

Hip-hop heads and music listeners generally. We would like to call CAMP24 a socio-musical experiment; because it shows what could be achieved if several creatives sharing a common creative vision; come together in a space for a whole day to create.

Pressure Makes Diamonds EP was finally released on all streaming platforms on the 25th of November 2022; and has received a lot of positive reviews and feedback from critiques and media heads.