Musta4a and KayceKeys are back with a new song. It is set to take the Afro Pop music world by storm. The duo’s latest single, ‘ON MY MIND’, is the lead single off their forthcoming joint project – ‘SERENADE’. This powerful pop fusion song takes listeners on a journey of love and longing.

Musta4a’s smooth, emotive vocals are complemented by KayceKeys’ dynamic and innovative production. This results in a pop anthem that is sure to tug at the hearts. With this new release, Musta4a proves that he is a force to be reckoned with in the Afro-pop music scene. 

‘ON MY MIND’ is a summer-tinged anthem that is set to fulfill the intentions of dominating dancefloors this summer. The song is catchy, emotive, and sure to become a fan favorite in no time. With ‘ON MY MIND’, Musta4a and KayceKeys are set to cement their place as two exciting talents. Likely top two in the music industry today.

‘ON MY MIND’ is available for streaming wherever you get your music.

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