4:19 EP by May jay is the new template for Modern Afrofusion

If you have an affinity for modern mid-tempo afro-fusion, then May jay’s latest E.P. comes highly recommended. 4:19 is a 9-part extended play project by Mayjay, where he displays a triple threat of wholesome vocals, relevant themes and distinct production arrangement. He comes armed with note-worthy production efforts from Ramoni and Hitman Kellz, as well as global-standard engineering by Synx.

Mayjay’s 2020 release –To The Matter- definitely opened up the taste buds of everyone who discovered him, making them hunger for more of his music. This hunger will indeed be satiated by his new offering as it packs even more pleasant surprises. His choice of Boybreed, Maqdaveed, Magnito and Minz as the features on the project, enhancing the orgasmic effect of their compatible musical wave.

Good Life introduces us to the project, with Mayjay taking stock of how far he has come and the resulting effect of envy from myopic observers. It is followed by DFYB, the acronym for the second track that translates to Dey For Your Body which features Maqdaveed. Taking its place as the lead single of the project, DFYB is foreseen to be the most streamed song off the 4:19 EP. Mayjay shows there’s more flattery in store for the subject of his affection, likening her to diamonds and ranking her beauty right beside Ashanti’s. The song embodies a sound direction suitable for slow winds in clubs and house parties, in addition to a tiptop rap verse that certifies it an instant classic.

Dangerous featuring Boybreed further reinforces the initial theme but on a higher note. Right Bill simply conveys that the resources are available for Mayjay’s subject of affection to live her best life with him. It doesn’t end there, as he brags of his “other room” skills that make him irresistible to his lover. Straight Up takes a different turn, hugely tying into the title of the E.P. which he reveals as a divine choice that links back to a verse from the manual of his Christian faith.

Like You Do Mistake (LYDM) ft Magnito, helps us experience a vulnerable Mayjay who asks to either be loved right or not loved at all. Why follows quickly, in the same mellow yet melodic manner. Here, he shares in detail the honest effect of his love interest’s physical attributes on him. He darts between

English and pidgin, utilizing every avenue to get his point across on Ramoni’s instrumentation. Freaky Freaky and Tropicana (featuring Minz) take the seductive mood of the catalogue to peaky heights, bringing things to a sultry halt. The project which is now available on all digital stores is definitely worth the hype and will find its exalted place in Nigeria’s music inventory for 2021.

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