Four years in the game and Jaiye continues to wave the sound of Drill flag across the continent. As a relatively new sound in Nigeria; +234 drill continues to infiltrate the Nigerian soundscape and as one of the earliest pioneers of the sound; Jaiye has been persistent in experimenting and creating variations of the sound for listening pleasure.

Jaiye is set to release ‘Thirsty Forever’ featuring Dam4star; Produced by fellow Thirsty Worldwide mate – Gcl3f.

With its gritty, metallic beat, the song encompasses hardcore bars; and serves as the lead single on Jaiye’s soon to be released project – ‘Disappointed But Not Surprised’.
Thirsty Forever’ sets an expectant tone for what the +234 drill pioneer has coming in his upcoming project; and also serves as a strong standalone song that solidifies Jaiye’s position; as one of the conveners and major flag bearers of the drill sound in Africa.

The song is set to be released on the 11th of November, 2022