After the release of his last single with Victor Collins, black star, IZZIK, is back again with two new singles titled “GET SENSE” AND “FORMATION” in his usual PANDEMIC survival pack. Both songs embody immense levels of catchiness from the start till the finish, sure to influence the mood of any listener merely by the sound of it. 

“Basically, it was just all vibes and being in a happy space at that moment. Faced certain challenges but that’s what keeps us pushing these days. I’m hoping to make these songs a global phenomenon


Izzik in his song, “GET SENSE ” corrects the bad behaviors of certain women while praising and describing the beauty of a woman in the second song, “FORMATION”. Izzik’s sound is a peculiar one that many find it easy to relate with. He then enhances the connection between him and his audience with these two beautiful songs, “GET SENSE” and “FORMATION”