Givens unveils the first single from his highly-anticipated project; “Her Dark Instruments.” Titled “Unholy,” this electrifying collaboration with L.A Based R&B/Pop sensation; Yinka is a trap-soul masterpiece that explores the complex and often taboo emotions of lust, cheating, jealousy, and forbidden love.

With its driving 808’s, hypnotic trap beats, and raw lyricism; “Unholy” sets the tone for the rest of “Her Dark Instruments.” Givens and Yinka’s chemistry on this track is palpable; as they take turns delivering their perspectives on the all-consuming power of desire. Givens delivers a bold performance as a lover who is willing to risk it all for his passion, while Yinka’s powerful vocals evoke the struggle of trying to resist temptation.

In short, “Unholy” is a daring and provocative anthem that will leave listeners in awe and eagerly anticipating the release of “Her Dark Instruments”