Following the release of his last Extended Play project “180 Min Love Slave” in 2020, a 5 tracked EP of Rnb, Soulful songs, coupled with trap beats. Saint Austiin released another tape titled “Lethal Emotions”, of which from the artwork we can see how it pans out.

His style is often categorized as “trapsoul” and the beats are so catchy as they leave the audience yearning for more. It is amazing that he has managed to solidify this style of music; all thanks to his co-producers.

Lethal Emotions, the ‘t’ in both words are replaced with some form of italicized crosses, sort of his thing. The Extended Play is four-tracked tape and a sequel to his previously released EP in 2020. ( 180 Mins love Slave)

Lethal Emotions is a powerplay of good songs that would make one go over the tape repeatedly and even dab into the artist’s discography. This Alternative record starts off with “Hard to find” and the most notable part of this record is the beats and the subtle drowsy nature of the vibe it puts you on. Saint Austiin clearly doesn’t stress with his lyricism as it is unambiguous and straight to the point. With more emphasis put on the production done by Saint Austiin and Trill Xoe .

‘Zirra’ on the second song ‘Don’t Let Me Go’. Was a refreshing bout as they both interchange melodies on a record that speaks about reassurance and commitment. “When you go touch the sky; don’t leave me on the ground” there’s clearly a deeper meaning to some of the lyrics as it is somewhat dark; but that doesn’t stop Saint Austiin expressing his thought process in “baby are you there (hold my hand)” as he expresses his thoughts about fighting demons in his head and as far as melodies go; this tune is sonically charged, thanks to Trill Xoe who produced & engineered the track.

We hear the tape go full circle on “Ten Days” with the voice note from his partner moving forward without him. This was probably the most wholesome tune from this tape and completely made the whole tape worth listening to.

Artwork by Bidemitata and illustrated by Anthony Azekwoh

Listen to the Album below ;