South African artist Espacio Dios returns to the scene ready to share his music with the world; With a boundless perspective on creativity, Espacios delivers an honest and heartfelt offering, reflecting on life’s hardships, desiring love, company and hope.

“I am so excited to release this single; Pelo cleansed my soul and getting my brother, Maglera to feature on it brought a whole different vibe to it that I absolutely love sonically and lyrically,” 


Espacio Diso’s new single is self-produced and features Maglera Doe Boy to hit the nail on the head.

It feels like home, man. I also related to the subject matter, and sonically it’s just a beautiful song.

Maglera Doe Boy

Espacio Dios has been musical for as long as he can remember and his passion for it is palpable. His music explores universal themes of love and adulthood, in rap and rhyme and singing.

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