Eeskay experiments with his new tune “60 seconds”. An upbeat drill anthem that serves as a teaser to his debut tape coming soon; this tune sings connects of strife between what his listeners are used to and what they should expect. Eeskay is clearly seamless with his flow on this record as he highlights promise and lays advice to “man dem” about the struggles of being in the streets; laced with braggadocio “I’ve got 60 seconds to run up and buss up an anthem” “you know Ess baby wavy.” The rest of the tune is compelled with witty lyrics and continues to highlight what’s next on his agenda. When Eeskay isn’t doing the typical Afro Pop tune like Agbalagba or 9 Lives; he is dashing upon a grime/drill tune. This tune was produced by Afroselecta-BBK and mixed & mastered by Ucee