Ghanaian music duo DopeNation has once again proven their mastery of music production and songwriting; with the release of their latest record “Clap.” The twin energy of B2 and Twist is at an all-time high; on this track they effortlessly blend their unique sound to create a groovy tone.

This record is produced by DopeNation themselves. “Clap” showcases the growth in the duo’s sound as they fuse Amapiano; Afrobeat, and House Music to create a whole new sound. The song comes with dance instructions, a testament to the duo’s belief that dance brings music to life.

“We hope that everyone who listens to ‘Clap’ feels the energy we’re preaching,” “We’re excited to kickstart 2023 with this record and to show our fans that we’re always growing and improving as musicians.”

Dope Nation