Cali-Ber Tha Grime aka CTG, is a rapper, producer and creative director with a flair for storytelling which he incorporates into his music. Experimental by nature, CTG’s music takes rap fusion to a new plane. With his previous single “Protocol” closing up the year 2022; He shows his grip on his immense versertility with his lastest and first single of the year ‘Try Me’ which is a great delight to his listerners.

Cali-Ber Tha Grime on the single “Try Me recounts experiences from past relationships, expectations and jealousy. In the verses, he highlights his reaction to the jealous ones, ignoring them, and his reaction to the expectations he faced in relationships, which makes him reveal a more carefree, nonchalant but defensive nature. The cover art in itself has its symbolism to the music. The cross pendant for protection, a red bandana to indicate malevolence and the pose showing a boss stance in a battle ready mood. The sky creates a euphoric atmosphere which bleeds into the cool edge before vanishing into the open space, which signifies a symbolism of ambition.