Cameroonian songstress Larinette Bailly, better known as Blanche Bailly has released a new single, this time, enlisting the assistance of Nigerian afro-pop/R&B prodigy – Joeboy.

The bubbly Tempoe-produced track features Blanche Bailly delivering her trademark silky vocals in French, English and pidgin/vernacular, in a show of linguistic diversity. It would be difficult to debate the fact that Joeboy was the perfect selection for the feature slot on this song. 

Matching the pace and the atmosphere the track creates, Joeboy delivered an impressive guest appearance. Since her debut in 2015, this is Blanche Bailly’s first collaboration with a Nigerian. 

This cross-border West African collaboration comes at a very important time and is a very welcome development for those who prefer harmonious relations amongst African entertainment practitioners as opposed to what has transpired over the last couple of months. 

Both Blanche Bailly and Joeboy are new age acts who owe some of their success to social media app TikTok. They represent a new wave of youthful African acts with extremely high ceilings thanks to how small social media has made the world. This collaboration spells a lot for both acts and the potential for afro-infused music to transcend borders.