Bagging Apple’s spot for the number one relationship podcast in Nigeria over 30 consecutive times since its maiden episode in January 2022, GenZ-focused relationship podcast BaeGist; has not stopped attaining remarkable feats.

Its first and second seasons helped the internet broadcast talk show gather for itself a fanbase of GenZ-ers and millennials alike who now go by the tag “Baegisters”. Today, 7th April, it has kicked-off its third season across all podcast streaming platforms.

As like the previous seasons, BaeGist Season 3 is produced by VerseFive – a company with bias for fashion and new media in Lagos – and hosted by the fans favourites, Itty Okim and Oluwatosin Omolale.

The duo are most popular for their work chemistry while on set for BaeGist podcast, and off it. Many attribute the good success of the podcast to this “chemistry” between Itty and Oluwatosin, but when asked, Itty said:

I think even beyond the connection that my co-host and I have, the people always love a great show. They love the drama, proper presentation, real conversations and energy-matching guests. And these are the exact elements we give them; always and in this season.

Itty Okim

On the guest, Tosin Omolale stated that even above them being celebrities or popular; the guests for this season will be the internet’s favourite names and faces.

We always want BaeGist to be relatable, and first to GenZ’s. So the guests we’ll be having come around will have to be this. And based on the line up for the last season; you can already tell that we have a great show curated for this one,”

Tosin Omolale

BaeGist has in the past had names like MagixxEbiyeAsherkineEbuka NwobuRuby Akubueze and a couple of others on the show, and one can only anticipate what the new season would birth.