Mavin records unveiled their female artist Ayra starr very early in 2021 with her self-titled project “Ayra starr” EP. It seems to have gotten the right buzz; making way for her debut Album “19 and dangerous” which contains 11 tracks, the 19-year-old skillfully fuses R&B, Afropop and a bit of soul into this amazing Sound I would term “sensational” her confidence exudes through her music and one can tell she is demanding for her place in the industry.

The album opens up with “cast” it feels like a rush listening to a song whose chorus is somewhat a feeling of euphoria and adrenaline of Life itself “I know my blessings no go pass me by/Cause I am gonna live my life” the song gives listeners the reliance they need in their thoughts of everyday life, its replay value is unarguable,” cast” is followed by “fashion killer” a dancehall afrobeat song that no doubt has chart-topping potential.

The 9 tracks that follow are diverse, sanguine and pulsating with emotions, track 5 “toxic” seems to showcase a darker side and feels like a sensitive disturbing song on possibly a very unhealthy relationship or depressing state of mind, it’s a song showcasing Ayra Starr’s ability to mix her emotions with her music as it is expressing pain in love or regret, other highlights from this album worth a listen to include the slow burner ‘In Between’ which I must say gives off traditional feels, like ‘Karma’ and ‘Bridgertn

  The Album presents an insight that she can indeed sing and can work across genres without sounding like anybody else, although it has been said she is similar to a fellow artist “Tems” the comparison is no doubt a complimentary one. However, this Album makes her stand out from that comparison, making way for her to solidify her stance as one of the leading femme in the industry. Her sound is unique and lingers with positive intensity; securing top spot in the Apple album Music Charts in less than 2 hours of the initial release casts a bold statement to the general public.

Although, the irresolute switch from different genres is one I am not too keen on, the bobbing of emotions from song to song messes with a listeners fervour; but in the end it’s solid and well-worked Album, with great replay value, brilliant features and peak production thanks to Don Jazzy, London and Louddaaa that produced the entirety of the tape.

Arya Starr is the celestial being she claims to be and It is safe to say that she is 19 & Dangerous.

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