This is big news for A&Rs in the African entertainment landscape.

The last decade has seen the African music industry go through some cultural shift moments, evolution and explosion internationally . By evolution, think development in lyricism, sound engineering, A&Ring, songwriting and collaboration. 

With many accolades to some major key players and decision makers – Like A&Rs who continue to keep their nose to the grindstone, working closely with labels and independent artists to provide the kind of work execution that showcases their artistry to the world. Closing strategic partnership deals with major international labels, publishing deals and many more.

There is still so much more potential within the African music scene and the community that has grown around it. A&R duty is first of its kind building a marketplace that connects all aspiring artists with producers, songwriters and industry decision makers. It will also be responsible for developing superstar talents in creating a music catalog while handling the business side of it.

A&R Duty is an independent creative-based company founded in November 2021. It Provides creative support and services to both aspiring musicians, A&R executives and industry networks in each of the music market ecosystem while exploring new collaborations and opening a wealth of opportunities for music creatives.

Based in Nigeria but with global outreach, A&R duty will work closely with labels, music distribution companies, Music journalists and music executives to serve as a trend spotter, and talent developer responsible for breaking new artists to the music business markets.

“The company will position itself as a top-of line agency joining forces with creatives and executives looking to connect the dots among A&Rs across the African music landscape, producers, songwriters alike succeed on a global scale”.

Babatunde williams (Co-founder and director A&R duty.

Over the few years, A&R Duty has previously worked closely with different independent labels and a variety of artist projects in the Nigerian music scene with proven stacked records, under the umbrella of a parent company “Gidioti limited” all while supporting up and coming artists and involving in talent development programs and mentorship.

The company’s rosters have featured the likes of Los Angeles CA, based Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Jackiesboy, Cynthia morgan, Kiss Daniel, Dapo tuburna, Chinko Ekun, shaydee, Psalm E, Wale Turner, Dj Neptune, Dj jimmy jatt and many more.

Added Omotola Slasha, Head of Marketing For A&R duty, Our Modus operandi at A&R duty is outstanding delivery, the company which will also operate as a community and marketplace for diverse culture, languages and creative collaboration amongst other interesting business and creative opportunities the company has to offer.  Working alongside  A&Rs in their drive to empower artists across the African music continents.

Looking forward to expanding our repertoire with new talent and opportunities whilst continuing to drive our artist-centric culture forward.

A&R Duty