Moshtown to Lagos is a story of sheer determination and courage; of experiences that became the bedrock of individuals who are different but are aligned by goals and will to create melodious, evergreen rhythm and songs.  El-nino, a versatile record producer and singer known for his ingenuity and tenacity teamed up with Afro-sensation singer, songwriter Yhemhi to create a breakout compilation with exquisite music. Music so beautiful that it serenades listeners through this journey of breakthrough told in lyrics and harmony.  
   This duo who have shown an unrivaled musical connection and have in the past, jointly released singles, tapes that have grown their base of supporters. In this latest collaboration, they featured budding talents like Timon, Octave and softlaborn.

Album Review
The project starts off with EKO. A tribute to another destination. A place where dreams are made alive through hard work and persistence. YHEMHI and EL-NINO are paying homage to the great city of Lagos, a place where the actualization of dreams and goals comes at a cost that they have paid through years of consistency, growth, and belief.
Michael Jackson – An afro-beat song melded with varying instruments to create an upbeat, dance-able wave of music.
Ingenuity is the crust of this compilation, the quality is consistent with this song. YHEMHI and EL-NINO fused sweet melody and vocals to deliver what might be fans favorite off this EP.
Kat – Sensual, satisfying, deafening to self-denial, a song of desire delectably created to express an emotion of lust in scenes that were real. This fantastic duo featured Timon, Octave and softlaborn to spawn a blend of Afro-beat that is as sweet like candy.
Brother – A bromance transcending into melody, lyrics of affirmation and assurance. EL-NINO and YHEMHI both profess their admiration for one another without constraint, adding some inspiration to this compilation. This song summarily narrates a journey of friendship that has seen successes and achievements on varying levels.
Dunno – There are terms, words which collectively describe how people feel, how they react to situations they find themselves in. Continually, individuals find themselves in a space, a hole where what they feel is peculiar, indescribable, strange which clouds opinion and decision making. This song validates such strange impressions, a need to see beyond and look onward to brighter days. El-Nino and Yhemhi ominously in melody and lyrics reiterate the importance of mental health.
Pray – Intriguing, thought-provoking. This duo laid bare their anxieties moving forward. Their aspirations and desires, how they seek to achieve goals and clock their ambitions. Worries that plague every sane mind, relative to youths and dreamers. This song is a reminder to pray during dark times, to believe that it only gets better.