All the Love I Need is afro-pop sensation Nu Baby’s stellar release, his first and last of the year. Featuring three tracks which demonstrate the artist’s musical range and ability; the EP is noteworthy for its clever lyricism and experimental genre-play by the artist and producers alike. Inspired by the love from his fans and those in his immediate circle. All The Love I Need is the artist’s gift in return; a token to those who have supported him thus far, and a statement of his ability to his naysayers.


On What Can I, a freestyle recorded in under an hour, the artist pines after the object of his affection; as he wonders what he can do to win her love. Despite the brooding lyrical content, the afro-pop track features a slew of instruments such as the piano, saxophone and drums; which all contribute towards a bouncy, vibrant and layered soundscape where the artist’s voice is allowed to shine.

Red Light Interlude is different from what we might expect from the artist. Featuring 808s and a heavy bass, the sensual; sultry track showcases a side to Nu Baby that we have previously not encountered. The bridge features a rap-like bar; where the artist employs a baritone to deliver a memorable lyric to the object of bis seduction. This lyrical quality, combined with the song’s vocal range and outstanding production; easily make red light interlude one of Nu’s strongest tracks.

The final song, Danc/O, is the result of many months of experimentation and re-working done by the artist and producers. Nü Baby delivers playful lyrics in a honey-sweet tone over a bouncy track; that features many layers of sound- from drums to the xylophone to a lagbaja sample. These elements all work perfectly together to create an outstanding; infectious dance track that is lighthearted while also retaining incredible replay value. All The Love I Need is Nu Baby’s bold and boisterous return to the music scene; a defining project that highlights his growth as an artist.