Work rate, consistency and positive intentions are the bedrock of Bizzonthetrack’s artistry, slowly following the act’s craft from 2016 – with the inception of “The Beginning EP” which was exclusive to DatPiff; Bizzonthetrack has categorically themed his phases of music and career into a whooping discography of 14 solid bodies of work which includes 6 Albums and other EP’s exclusive to apple music, Boomplay or Audiomack.

Bizzonthetrack dabbles in Afro sounds and the fusions birthed from his originality. Although; in this record – Afro Jackson ( The money Commandments ) is themed as an alternative rap project and sets off with 6 tracks. This record is doused with alternative rhythm of sounds reverberating in harmony, melody and vocal dexterity and the hallmark of his musical discography. The production credits are hugely accounted to Phyl; with additional production from Remiiti & Wavskinny.



Bizzonthetrack ushers fine harmony into this record as he sings “I no wan press Lapi, I just wanna make money”; an undying cry by a hustling youth in the system. He transcends his hard work and dedication in this song; as he lays bare the struggle of his journey to becoming a star. The song speaks on sheer hard work put in by every struggling youth; trying to beat the system and make a name for themselves. 


This record features an all round creative, recording and performing artist “Bliizy”; both artist share a Synergy from past projects that aids their collaboration on this song. The rhythm of this record clearly showcases Bizzonthetracks’ artistry – as he courses through the beat to deliver a rhythmic tempo that is sure to hold your repeat button hostage. 

Money my Muse is another song that firmly reiterates the need for financial freedom as a means to survive; in an ever changing world and how money is somewhat the passion that fuels every individual’s endeavour in creating their legacy. The song is heavily packed with Yoruba and was  also produced by Phyl; yet another song that elucidates the state of the world. 


A very familiar record comes on; might be the fans favourite from this exciting project. This song evokes emotion and reignites our passion for the craft. This song possesses all the elements of music in its pristine and immaculate pieces. The lyrics elucidate the story of emotions; breakthrough and resilience exhibited by “Ghetto Soldiers & dreamers who are on the quest for sustenance and relevance. 

The song holds a clear and concise message of striving and holding on for the journey ahead; as there  are “better days ahead”.  Remiiti & wavskinny produced this record in all its sonics. 


An Upbeat record that epitomises positivity and strikes self affirmity as the mainstay. This record speaks on the resilience of humans and the ability to switch things up when life gets hard. Staying positive, awakening your spirit and staying happy; Bizzonthetrack has delivered a happy song for the times when things are chaotic; he believes finding joy even in hard times is sure to help you keep your sanity. 


A letter of love. What is life without love and desire? Bizzonthetrack sings about his burning love and desire for something, someone and everything that revolves around his sound; and the undying passion for his music. This time ‘the lady’ takes centre stage with this love capsule; as he expresses his affections for his muse on this record. 


Marama evokes the feeling of an 80’s Afrobeat jam session; it satisfies the nostalgia and tenderly appeals to the taste of the new school lovers of afro sounds. The cohesion of the instruments puts listerners in a great mood to have fun and party. Its a clear indication of how a tape should end. – On a high Note. (Wavskinny & Phyl) yet again.